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Jan-Philipp Peters

Jan-Philipp Peters of BitsForDigits - <p>BitsForDigits is a different spin on the traditional startup marketplace model. </p> <p>The platform deals in partial buyouts – that is founders who want to give up some but not all of their equity for cash. Be that 1% or 99%, the amount is up to founder. Partial buyouts are a great way to keep working on your passion but to see the rewards earlier than you would otherwise. We talk to BitsForDigits co-founder Jan-Philipp Peters about this alternative take on fundraising. Where the idea came about and why he decided to take the leap, leaving a well-paid job at Google to do so. Who the typical buyer and seller is on BitsForDigits and how they’d managed to launch and grow the marketplace so far. So, if you’re open to new ways of investing and cashing in on promising online businesses, this BitsForDigits interview is for you.</p>

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