Best AI Writing Software of 2023

Updated on 6th September 2023

Empowering Digital Content Creation: The AI Revolution in Writing

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Best AI Writing Software of 2023

In the fast-paced world of digital content creation and marketing, the need for efficient and effective tools has never been higher. On top of that, as businesses and content marketers strive to create high-quality content that resonates with their audiences and stands out in search engines, the demand for advanced software tools is grows exponentially and faster that ever before.

Enter AI writing tools—a revolutionary wave in the content creation process. These AI content writing tools, driven by intricate machine learning algorithms and the nuances of natural language processing (NLP), have taken the market by storm, promising to enhance the way we think about and produce content.

No longer are we solely reliant on human capacities; now, with the aid of artificial intelligence and the best AI writing software platforms, we have the potential to generate content at unprecedented scales, from blog posts to long-form content, and everything in between.

So whether you’re drafting landing pages, social media posts, or diving deep into SEO content, the platforms presented in our list of the Best AI Writing Software for 2023 offer unique features and capabilities, ensuring that every word is optimized and reader-centric.

Our List:








Surfer SEO:

Surfer 1

Surfer SEO stands out as a powerful, and possibly the best, AI writing tool, laser-focused on boosting website content for optimal search engine visibility.

Hailed as a top-notch AI content writing tool, Surfer SEO goes beyond merely analyzing your content. It employs advanced machine learning algorithms to evaluate your pieces against the rigorous metrics that major search engines, especially Google, value.

Its detailed feedback covers aspects from keyword research to the structure of your content, streamlining the content creation process for both short blog posts and long-form content.

Key Features:

Advanced Keyword Research: Harnesses AI technology to offer insights on keyword density, placement, and relevance.

SEO Optimized Content Recommendations: Offers guidance on structuring content for higher search engine rankings.

User-Centric Interface: A seamless content writing platform that’s intuitive and straightforward.

Real-Time Feedback: Assists content writers in refining their content on-the-fly.

Adaptive Content Insights: Equipped to adapt to ever-evolving search engine parameters, ensuring your content remains top-tier.

(Try out SurferSEO!](

Surfer 3


Exhaustive SEO review tools.

Visual representation of on-page SEO metrics.

Real-time content editor recommendations.


Initial learning requirement for newbies.

Surfer 2

Keen on exploring deeper, we have a more exhaustive review that delves into all the facets of Surfer SEO (aside from just the AI part). Take a look at our more extensive review here, and redefine your content marketing strategy.


Kafkai 1

Kafkai emerges is one of our top leading tools tailored for those who seek efficient, AI-assisted content generation, and for good reason… It’s engineered to craft unique and SEO-focused content, making it versatile enough for blog posts, web content, and social media pieces.

Beyond mere content generation, it simplifies the creation process, minimizing tedious tasks like keyword research and drafting. Even when ideas seem scarce, Kafkai’s capability to produce content based on seed keywords ensures you’re always aligned with trending searches, allowing it to smoothly merge content strategy and production for its users.

Key Offerings:

SEO-Optimized Content: Develop content that’s both original and primed to rank on search engines.

Prompt Drafts: With some keywords at hand, Kafkai can quickly roll out a comprehensive article for you.

No More Creative Stalls: When you’re out of ideas, Kafkai is there to ensure the content doesn’t stop.

Elevate Your Content Strategy: Amp up your content game by generating unique articles without the need for additional manpower.

How Kafkai Functions:

Kafkai operates via three distinct modes:

Quick Content: Perfect for times when you’re short on ideas. Choose a niche, and Kafkai will whip up an article. Minor edits might be needed, but it’s a solid base to start with.

Directed Content Creation: When you have a topic in mind, Kafkai can work off a seed paragraph you provide. This input isn’t included in the final content, keeping you clear of copyright concerns.


User-friendly with an intuitive interface.

Generates SEO-optimized content.

Offers flexibility with directed content creation.

Economical content generation solution.


Content might need editing for refinement.

Reliance on seed keywords may limit spontaneity.

Try It Out: Give Kafkai a whirl with their special offer - try it for just $1.


Scalenut 1

Scalenut is emerging as a cutting-edge AI-powered platform dedicated to streamlining content research and copywriting. Equipped with advanced AI tools, it provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that caters to a vast array of copywriting needs, from concise product descriptions to intricate long-form blogs.

Diving deeper, Scalenut boasts an AI Copywriter feature, enabling users to rapidly generate a myriad of content types, such as social media posts and email headers. With the mere click of a button, this tool promises a consistent flow of instantly generated copy, cutting down the time and effort one usually invests in brainstorming ideas.

Its SEO Assistant further distinguishes the platform, presenting an end-to-end content research and writing solution. This feature meticulously covers all ranking parameters, ensuring users are armed with actionable insights and real-time tracking of crucial SEO metrics.

Key Features:

Unified AI-SEO Platform: Scalenut offers an all-inclusive platform designed to cater to every facet of content creation, optimization, and publishing.

Keyword Planning: With AI recommendations at its core, it helps users pinpoint powerful keywords, streamlining the keyword research process.

Topic Research: Users can acquire powerful insights into customer intent and derive SEO-friendly content briefs.

Content Creation: The platform promises human-like, informative blogs, with a specialized guided writing workflow.

Optimize Content: With real-time SEO scoring, it aids users in enhancing both new and existing content for optimal SEO performance.

AI-SEO Editor: This tool transforms ideas into compelling SEO content, ensuring users always maintain a competitive edge.

On the credibility front, Scalenut has garnered an impressive rating of 4.8/5 based on over 1000 reviews, and it enjoys the trust of a whopping 100,000 marketers worldwide.


Comprehensive suite of SEO and content tools.

Real-time feedback and SEO scoring.

Integration capabilities with renowned platforms like WordPress and Semrush.

Offers automated optimization and real-time SEO feedback.


Might be overwhelming for beginners due to the plethora of features.

Reliance on AI might sometimes demand manual adjustments for a personalized touch.

Ready for a deeper dive into Scalenut’s offerings and a more detailed understanding of its capabilities?Check out Scalenut!

Frase 1

For teams looking to leverage cutting-edge AI for superior SEO performance, Frase presents itself as a game-changer. With its promise of crafting Google-friendly content at breakneck speed, it’s no wonder over 30,000 content, SEO, and marketing professionals trust and utilize it.

With Frase, the process of SEO becomes simplified and streamlined. Not only does it guide writers to produce impeccable content tailored for target keywords, but it also comes equipped with a wide range of features designed to improve your content strategy:

Key Features:

Automated Content Briefs: These briefs provide detailed insights to writers, enabling them to craft SEO-optimized content seamlessly.

Shareable Document Links: This feature facilitates collaboration by allowing writers to edit documents without necessarily having an account (an exception for the Solo Plan).

Google Search Console Integration: Gain comprehensive site-wide content analytics.

Content Scoring: With Frase, you’re not left guessing. Receive guidance on fine-tuning articles to hit the sweet spot with your targeted keywords.

Custom Templates: Tailor-make your templates to align with specific guidelines and AI writer customizations.

Content Editor: Experience the comforts of a top-tier word processor as you craft your content.

Outline Builder: Plan and structure your content using diverse data points, such as autosuggest and “People also ask.”

Additionally, the platform encourages teamwork and seamless coordination with features like project status settings and team project folders.

For those intrigued by what Frase has to offer, there’s an enticing 5-day trial available for just $1. It’s an opportunity to experience firsthand the revolutionary power of smart AI in SEO.


Comprehensive suite of SEO-focused features.

User-friendly content editor.

Collaborative tools for teams.


Solo Plan lacks some collaborative features.

Interested in leveling up your SEO game? Dive into the Frase experience and witness AI-enhanced content creation.


Copyai 1

Closers Copy is an AI-powered writing assistant designed for content creators, marketers, and copywriters. Using advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, this software tool streamlines the content creation process and offers specialized features that set it apart in the world of AI writing tools.

How It Works: At its core, Closers Copy integrates natural language processing to understand user inputs and generate content that fits their requirements. Whether you’re drafting a blog post, creating marketing copy, or crafting social media captions, this AI writing software offers tailored suggestions to enhance your writing.

Key Features:

AI-Powered Copywriting Tools: Assists in crafting compelling content, from product descriptions to long-form blog posts.

Templates Library: A vast collection of copywriting templates suitable for different industries and niches.

Dynamic Content Editing: Offers real-time suggestions using AI technology to refine and optimize your copy for target audiences and search engines.

Keyword Research Integration: Provides insights into trending keywords, ensuring content remains relevant and SEO-optimized.

Unlimited Content Generation: An invaluable feature for content marketers and writers, allowing for endless generation of high-quality content.


Versatility: Suitable for various content types, from creative writing to landing pages.

Ease of Use: Its intuitive interface makes the writing process smoother, even for those new to AI writing software.

Content Enhancement: Not just about generating content, it helps refine existing content to ensure it meets high standards.

Supports Multiple Writing Styles (e.g., catchy marketing copy or an informative blog post)


Learning Curve: While it’s user-friendly, mastering all the tools may take some time for beginners.

Over-reliance Risk: As with many AI tools, there’s the risk of over-relying on automation and losing the personal touch in writing.


Sudowrite 1

Sudowrite is an AI writing tool designed to help writers at various stages of the writing process. It offers a range of features to support content creation, revision, and improvement.

Main Features:

Describe: Enhances descriptions in your writing to make it more engaging.

Story Engine: Helps you from the start of an idea to a full story. It can generate content in the writer’s style.

Write: Works like advanced autocomplete. It suggests the next part of your sentence or even a few sentences ahead.

Expand: Fills out areas of your content that might be too short or rushed.

Rewrite: Helps you change and improve sentences.

Feedback: Quickly reviews your work and highlights areas to improve.

Canvas & Brainstorm: Assists in planning and generating ideas for your content.

Visualize: Turns descriptions into visual art for a clearer view of characters or settings.

User Experience:

The platform offers a straightforward interface with features like dark mode, a full-screen option, and an organized way to handle drafts and chapters.

Technical Details:

Sudowrite is built on the GPT-3 and GPT-4 engines. This means it creates content word by word, making sure each piece is unique and tailored to the input.


Variety of tools for writers.

Simple and easy-to-use interface.

Real-time content suggestions and feedback.


Might be too much for users looking for a basic tool.

If you’re looking for a new writing tool, consider trying Sudowrite’s free trial to see if it meets your needs. After that, it’s only $10 per month.


Writesonic 1

Writesonic stands out as one of the best AI writing software tools on the market, trusted by over 5 million teams, agencies, and freelancers. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of AI-powered writing assistants tailored for various needs, such as generating high-quality content for blogs, marketing copy, landing pages, and even product descriptions.

Most notably, Writesonic promises faster content creation without compromising on quality, enhancing the content creation process for bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Users can expect SEO-optimized content, ensuring that the material resonates well with search engines and target audiences alike.


Wide range of content blueprints.

Regular feature enhancements.

Marketing-focused tools included.


Some generated content may require refinement.

Typical GPT-3 limitations apply.

Full-fledged features demand a premium tier.

Article Forge:

Articleforge 1

Article Forge is not just another AI writing software; it’s one of the premier AI content writing tools that redefines the speed and precision of digital content creation. Using deep machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, it seamlessly integrates SEO insights into its content, ensuring that what’s produced is not just swift but also search engine optimized.

This AI-powered writing assistant is a boon for content marketers, rapidly churning out blog content, articles, and landing pages. The platform emphasizes producing high-quality content, which means you won’t compromise quality for speed.

Albeit you can say this about many of the tools on this list, it’s as if you have a team of professional content writers at your fingertips, available around the clock, ready to craft SEO-optimized content at a moment’s notice.”


Rapid article generation.

Integrated keyword analysis.

Supports multilingual content crafting.


Produced articles might lack depth.

Rigorous review required before publishing.

Copyai 111 real

When it comes to bridging creativity with technology, Copy.aiiss an underrated leader among the many AI writing software we’ve reviewed. is one of the best AI writing assistant you could ask for.

Built on the pioneering GPT-3 technology, goes beyond mere content creation. Picture this: you’re crafting a lengthy blog post or sculpting the ideal product description, but words evade you. This is where comes in. It’s not just about filling gaps; it’s about providing insights, nuances, and those creative touches that transform good content into great content.

  1. GPT-3 Powered Co-writing Experience: isn’t just a tool—it’s your writing partner. Built upon the formidable GPT-3, it ensures every piece of content, from short social media captions to comprehensive long form content, not only meets quality standards but resonates deeply with its audience.

  2. Versatile Content Suggestions: Whether kickstarting an article, drafting that catchy headline, or penning product narratives,’s breadth and depth of suggestions have every writer’s need covered.

  3. Overcoming Creative Challenges: Say goodbye to writer’s block and creative stagnation. With, transitioning from a budding idea to a polished piece of high-quality content becomes an intuitive and delightful journey.

  4. SEO Insight Integration: It’s not just about creating content; it’s about ensuring visibility. provides valuable insights to optimize for search engines, positioning your content effectively in the digital space.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: The platform’s dashboard is designed for simplicity and efficiency, making the content generation process seamless even for those new to the world of AI writing tools.


Wide spectrum of content generation capabilities.

Swift and adept output generation.

Regular feature enhancements.


Outputs can sometimes veer towards generic.

Confined by GPT-3’s inherent constraints.

Premium tiers for unrestricted functionalities.

In Conclusion:

After exploring some of the best AI writing software tools available today, it’s evident that the fusion of technology and content creation is reshaping the digital landscape. These AI-powered writing assistants are no longer just novelties; they’ve become essential for content marketers, bloggers, and businesses looking to scale their content production without compromising on quality.

Each software tool brings its set of features, from generating blog content to aiding in keyword research, offering users a vast array of possibilities. It’s not just about speed; the focus on producing SEO optimized content ensures that the written material not only appeals to readers but also climbs search rankings.

As we move forward in the digital age, the role of such AI writing software will only become more significant. They represent a powerful confluence of human creativity and machine precision, guaranteeing that the future of content marketing is not just smart but also incredibly efficient. Whether you’re a seasoned content writer or just starting, embracing the tools that you find most fitting for your goals from our list of best AI writing software can transform your writing process, making it more streamlined, informed, and productive.

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