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Grow with marketing tools.

It’s my mission to match you with your perfect marketing tools.

Us marketers love to romanticize our craft. But the truth is that you can build high-converting websites, rank higher, automate your onboarding, acquire more leads, build links, grow your email list and retain more customers in record time thanks to marketing software.

Surges can help power your growth, one tool at a time. And for less with our 50% off deals!

Honest and independent.

Surges’ experiments and reviews are 100% honest and written by a fellow marketer… me (Stuart Goulden)!

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I have used marketing tools for 20+ years, reviewing them for 3. I draw on my firsthand experience of marketing software in my day job - running a marketing agency - and in bootstrapping numerous ventures. Working with the likes of Google, Aviva, Northern, The Office Group, and plenty more startups. I was also an award-winning journalist in a former life, so every review is obsessively researched and totally impartial.

Why does this matter? Consider Surges an antidote to fake reviews and dodgy endorsements, which are rife across the web. I wouldn’t recommend anything I wouldn’t pay to use with my own money.

I do this for the simple pleasure of discovering new tools, mastering old ones, and passing them on. I also compile expert guides on everything from building links and getting more reviews to buying and selling startups.

How does Surges make money?

Surges is reader-funded. This means that we earn an affiliate income on some of our links, however that never influences our scores. You have my word.

Championing the Makers.

Learn as much or as little as you like about the tools you use.

Surges’ Meet the Maker interviews go deeper to tell the stories of the people behind them.

In hearing their motivation, background, ways of working, bumps in the road and future plans, you get to learn the difference your subscription makes and where they can take you.

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Thanks for joining me on this journey. Please do let me know if you find a review useful and shout if you spot a tool worthy of a bigger audience.

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