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Updated on 28th August 2023

From Micro to Macro: The Evolution and Impact of Acquire in the Digital Marketplace

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In today’s tech-driven world, with the rise of mobile apps and the increasing importance of live video chat, it’s more crucial than ever to have platforms that cater to the unique needs of businesses. Enter Acquire, formerly MicroAcquire.

As an online marketplace that brings together sellers and buyers of businesses, many view Acquire as the best tool for those looking to connect in this rapidly evolving space. We’ll start with the Pros and Cons….

TL;DR - Summary of MicroAcquire Review:


* Modern Platform: Designed for today’s tech landscape, prioritizing mobile apps and live video chat capabilities.

* Innovative Features: Acquire offers instant chat and two-way video chat, enhancing real-time communication.

* Transparent Fee Structure: No hidden costs, with platform fees incorporated upfront.

* Diverse Membership Options: Free basic package available with advanced features in premium packages.

* Comprehensive Brokerage Service: For a 5% fee, buyers and sellers get access to seamless transaction tools like co-browsing.


* Lack of Predictive Form: A feature that could further streamline user experiences is missing.

* Platform Fees: Some users feel that the overall rating is slightly high considering the platform fees.

In short, for those seeking a modern platform to sell or purchase businesses, MicroAcquire offers innovative tools to make transactions smoother. However, it’s essential to weigh the platform’s unique features against its cost structure before diving in…

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Is Acquire the Right Choice for Your Business Needs?

What we stand for

Acquire, at its core, is about facilitating the sale of startups, primarily those operating on SaaS platforms. Beyond this, they enhance the traditional business model by introducing features that support mobile-ready chat, ensuring real-time discussions between parties are a breeze.

Diving Deeper into Acquire’s Offerings

With its founding in 2020, Acquire may not have the long history some competitors boast, but what it lacks in age, it makes up for in innovation. The platform offers instant chat capabilities, catering to the nowadays mobile ready chat trend, which allows businesses and customers to engage effortlessly. For a more personal touch, there’s the two-way video chat feature, perfect for those who prefer face-to-face discussions.

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However, one missing feature that could’ve elevated the user experience even further is a predictive form that anticipates user needs, helping streamline the process. Nevertheless, their representative’s support customers through every stage of the transaction, ensuring a trouble-free platform experience.

Membership on Acquire varies, with a basic package available for free and a paid premium package for those seeking advanced features. Their exclusive tier goes beyond, offering extra perks. Worth noting is that the platform fee is incorporated into the cost structure, so users are aware of what they’re getting into upfront. No hidden fees or surprises.

Journey of an Acquire User: From Browsing to Closing Deals

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Starting your journey on Acquire is easy. Simply initiate communication with the support agent to create your profile. From there, the world of online business is at your fingertips…

For buyers:

Acquire’s subscriptions start with a free Basic plan, a Premium plan ($390 annually), and their Platinum plan ($780 annually). See below for a list of some of the key features for each respective plan.

Buyers 1 (pricing) Buyers 2

The DIY process of acquiring digital assets on Acquire is quite simple. We’ve broken it down to 3 simple steps:

*Filter & Find: Use text chat to engage with sellers. Co-browsing features allow you to explore potential businesses together, narrowing down choices.

*In-Depth Discussions: Employ live video chats or voice calls to dive deeper into the details, asking about traffic sources, reasons for selling, and more.

*Make It Official: Upon finding the right fit, it’s time to formalize things. Sign an LOI, then engage in a detailed review process. When all checks out, seal the deal.

For those who want a hands-off experience, Acquire offers its brokerage service. While there’s a 5% platform fee, this includes access to tools like co browsing, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

For sellers:

Acquire is a haven for sellers too. Whether you’re looking to sell a web-based business, a well-reviewed software application, or services that have seen substantial growth, Acquire provides the tools and platform necessary for a smooth transaction.

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More specifically, here’s how the platform makes your selling journey streamlined in 4 simple steps:

*List & Integrate: Begin by creating an enticing profile for your digital asset. Whether it’s an app, webpage, or software, integrate it with Acquire’s platform to make it accessible to potential buyers. This will ensure that your asset gets the exposure it needs to attract the right buyer.

*Engage & Talk: Use Acquire’s text chat feature to hear from potential leads. Let visitors to your profile know the best things about your business. Use voice calls for more personal interactions, ensuring potential buyers get all their queries addressed. Your teams can also employ co-browsing features to showcase specific aspects of your digital asset, making the sales process interactive and engaging.

*Monitor & Grow: Utilize Acquire’s multiple logins feature, allowing your team to engage with more than one buyer at a time. Use the platform’s tools to keep track of the number of visitors, leads, and customer interactions. Remember, growth doesn’t just come from selling; it’s about establishing a predictable form of engagement with potential buyers.

*Seal The Deal: Once you’ve talked to interested parties and they’re ready to acquire your digital asset, the platform provides a seamless path to formalize the deal. With built-in tools like LOI signing and detailed review processes, both parties can feel confident in their decision.

Reviews & Feedback


Customer management is paramount for any business, and Acquire seems to understand this. Reviews from real-time visitors indicate that while the services offered are top-notch, the overall rating is a bit high for the given scenario cons cost. This might be due to the platform fee charged. Still, many users feel the pros (e.g., easy to use interface and robust features) outweigh the cons.

The Verdict on Acquire


To sum it up, MicroAcquire stands out as a modern and intuitive platform for selling and buying online businesses. Its focus on real-time interactions, especially via chat and video, makes it a front-runner in the digital business exchange realm. The platform’s tools, such as its customer support and live chat functionalities, are easily accessible, ensuring both buyers and sellers can achieve their goals with minimal trouble.

So, if you’re in the market to sell or buy a business, or even if you just want to explore what’s out there, give Acquire a look. The experience might just be the best part of your entrepreneurial journey.

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