Meet the Maker Marta Mierzyńska
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17/04/21 | Interview by Stuart Goulden

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                    Marta Mierzyńska
Trustisto's nudge marketing popups boost conversion within your ecommerce store. The nudge marketing toolkit takes popular visitor actions, views and purchases and turns them into even more of them. It does so through tiny, unobtrusive social proof alerts. Think of them as helpful signposting on popular products, how many people have bought it so far, when an offer ends, or any other reassuring words a potential customer might need to hear.

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  1. Hi Marta. Please introduce yourself and your role at Trustisto…

    Hey there! Currently I’m Business Development Manager at Trustisto - a marketing automation tool for online stores. I help them build trust and increase sales.

    From the beginning of my career, I was closely associated with the startup environment - I worked on projects such as i-Sport (online training care), where I was responsible for sales and service development. TuPrawnik, under which I coordinated, on behalf of the company, a pilot of the e-Prawnik service for clients of PKO Bank Polski. New technologies and startup culture - it’s something I love!

  2. How would you describe Trustisto?

    Trustisto is a marketing automation toolkit that uses social proof and FOMO (or ‘fear of missing out’) to increase sales and improve customer retention rates in online stores.

    The founder is Wojtek Grześkowiak - he came up with the idea of Trustisto. Once, when using to make a hotel reservation, the site’s notifications – for example that 5 people booked the hotel today or that the hotel is very popular today - caught his eye. He decided to create a service that would allow displaying similar types of notifications on anyone’s page. This is how Trustisto was born.

"Today - through Trustisto - stores transform current purchases, reviews, and just-browsing visits into social proof."

Marta Mierzyńska

Trustisto shapes it as small notifications, dynamic content, pop-ups and e-mails, and puts them into action reaching out to undecided users to amplify the probability of purchase. By upgrading it with fomo appearing as time-bound offers, scarcity signals and countdown timers, Trustisto accelerates the results.

  1. Who would you say your average customer is?

    Trustisto is the ideal tool for new stores and those with thousands of purchases. Our average customers are small and medium online stores. Usually, they haven’t so many clients and they want to sell more - they need a Trustisto to build trust. Through Trustisto they can communicate with new users: “Look, other clients also buy here - you can do it too!”. And it works. In this way, we can also increase loyalty to the seller.

    Currently we have over 200 clients - we are growing month by month, clients recommend us. We also have a few big e-commerce in “our portfolio”. We know that our product is really good, and it really helps.

    Our customers tend to come to us via highly targeted cold email campaigns.

  2. Why is social proof so powerful, in your opinion?

    Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behavior in a given situation. The e-commerce market has perfectly implemented the social proof rule to increase online sales.

  3. What’s your future plans for the tool?

    We have lots of ideas on how social proof and fomo can be used in e-commerce and we want to introduce them gradually. At the beginning, Trustisto was just notifications, today we are moving towards marketing automation tools. We also want to focus on development abroad, because today over 90% of revenues come from our “home market” Poland. We plan to start expansion from Czech and Slovak market. We already have several clients from there and we see great potential.

  4. Apart from Trustisto, what’s your favourite digital marketing tools?

    I can’t imagine my work-life without Hubspot! I have everything that I need in one place, one tool. Thank’s it I can organize my work perfectly. I can sleep peacefully - my marketing funnel works good.

  5. And finally, where can people find out more?

    Find Trustisto at!

"I can observe this every single day: users who have seen notifications are more likely to buy - this is a fact. To be honest, I fall into this trap too! ;-)"

Marta Mierzyńska
  1. I can imagine the product photo pop-ups are particularly effective. What boost to conversion rates can somebody expect?

    Social proof notifications help optimizing conversions - our clients record a conversion increase of up to 20%. Of course - each case is different, because the variety of stores selling in e-commerce is really huge. When using tools such as Trustisto, it is worth remembering that the final result is influenced by many other factors.

  2. I can see there’s a lot of features in development. Which are you most excited about?

    Yes, you’re right - there’s lots happening! Last week we launched a new live panel and a new look for our pop-up notifications. Personally, I was waiting the most for the notification lift and this visual change. I know how much customers attach to good design. It’s really important and if we want to stand out, we must have the most beautiful notifications.

  3. How have you got the word out about Trustisto?

    In simple words: Trustisto equals more conversions. We help stores boost sales using social proof and fomo techniques, so helping one store grow leads to others.

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