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12/07/20 | Interview by Stuart Goulden

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Drag-and-drop your way to beautiful landing pages with Unbounce. With good-looking templates (for every conceivable type of campaign) and AI optimisation, this no-code solution makes it easy to create high-converting destinations for your campaigns. All you need to do is provide the traffic.

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Unbounce makes your marketing work harder with its conversion tools, including landing pages, sticky bars and popups. It puts these important conversion tools within the reach of all marketers, with its simple drag-and-drop builder interface slashing the effort required to create, install and analyse them.

We speak to Unbounce’s Director of Partnerships, Tyrone Lingley, to discover how Unbounce helps marketers to squeeze the most out of every visitor, the rise of AI and code-free marketing tools, and the enduring ingredients for a winning landing page.

  1. Hi Ty. Please introduce yourself and your role at Unbounce…

    My name is Tyrone (Ty) Lingley and I lead partnerships at Unbounce. My job boils down to driving revenue growth with an entrepreneurial approach to product, brand, and distribution partnerships.

  1. How would you describe Unbounce?

    Think of the best friend you have on speed dial. That’s how a lot of marketers feel about Unbounce when it comes to converting more leads and sales from their campaigns, without needing help from designers, developers or IT. We play well with other tools and sit in the middle of the funnel as a post-click solution in the customer journey.

  1. What makes Unbounce stand out from other pop-up and landing page builders?

    I believe we have five differentiating pillars from the competition:

    1. Flexibility and Customisation

    Unbounce is far more flexible and supports more creative freedom than any other platform. Users can match any brand guidelines using the drag-and-drop builder and add custom script for further fine-tuning. The best way to experience this is by using the Unbounce Builder Preview.

    2. Popups and Sticky Bars

    With every Unbounce plan, marketers can use popups and sticky bars on any web page (not just Unbounce pages) and target specific user segments.

    3. Mobile Builder

    Unbounce allows marketers to fully customise their mobile landing page experience, which can be completely different from their desktop experience.

    4. Customer Success

    Unbounce’s support team is the best in the business (with an NPS score consistently over 80) and offers phone, in-app live chat and email support on every plan.

    5. Testing and Analytics

    Unlike competitors, Unbounce offers every customer on every plan the ability to use A/B testing and integrate with Google Analytics.

Get a headstart with Unbounce’s free collection of 100+ good looking, high-performing templates.

  1. What are the common conversion mistakes you see being made?

    An obvious one is a belief that “if you build it, they will come.” Every landing page needs a proper campaign behind it to drive quality traffic, that might be paid ads, email campaigns, social outreach etc.

    Others tend to be:

    • Having more than one call to action (CTA) button on your landing page – you want the prospect to do one thing and one thing only
    • Not considering message match in your headline and descriptor to match the ones used in paid ads
    • Not targeting the right keywords
    • Not considering quality score and page performance
    • Poor readability scores

    Lucky for you, Unbounce has a tool that will test your landing page’s effectiveness and give you a free, personalized report of actionable tactics to increase your conversion rates: Unbounce landing page analyzer.

  1. Site speed has always been a big criticism of any plugin, how would you counter this concern?

    Well, site speed is huge. Nearly 70% of people admit that page speed influences their likeliness to buy and millennials may be among the least patient when it comes to shopping online. Across the board, consumers tell us that unexpected delays can have a significant impact on their desire to buy something from you.

    The plug better be significant in the conversion path, and you can test this using Unbounce’s A/B testing tool.

    Our latest page speed report dives into far greater detail on this topic: Unbounce 2019 page speed report.

"Nearly 70% of people admit that page speed influences their likeliness to buy and millennials may be among the least patient when it comes to shopping online."

Ty Lingley
  1. Beyond being a great service, how have you grown Unbounce?

    By being a great brand that people want to get to know, that they then trust, and give us their attention. Every touch point is customer-centric; one of our core values is delight. I also think our annual CTA conference gives us the 1-1 human element and has grown to become one of the most recognized in the digital marketing industry.

  1. What’s your future plans for Unbounce?

    Unbounce’s future is something we’ve named Conversion intelligence. It is a fundamental change in your approach to marketing. It’s the pairing of your learned expertise with AI insights to create the highest-converting campaigns possible. In short, it’s you and your marketing know-how, augmented by machines.

  1. Apart from Unbounce, what’s your favourite digital marketing tool?

    I recently launched our revenue share Partner Program and it’s powered by a game-changing platform called PartnerStack. They’ve built a modern-day approach to partner marketing and it’s already facilitating a significant amount of revenue which we couldn’t have done without them.

  1. Finally, where can people find out more?

    Glad you asked! Try our website where you’ll get a free 14-day trial and 20% off your first 3 paid months with Surges.

Make marketing tools your superpower

  • Giveaways
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