Meet the Maker Masa Nishimura
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22/08/21 | Interview by Stuart Goulden

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                    Masa Nishimura
Inksprout’s AI video and caption generator summarizes any link you want to post social media, so you don’t have to. Simply paste interesting links into Inksprout for multiple content summaries and videos you can schedule in social media management tools such as Sprout, Buffer and Hootsuite. You can even automate it with the latest and greatest content in your niche via Zapier and RSS feeds. A real time saver!

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Masa (Masatoshi) Nishimura is a software engineer currently based in Toronto, Canada. He launched Inksprout in 2020, wanting to up his social media game with more automated workflows.

He did so alongside his reading assistant Kaffae, which tracks your reading habits and suggests other titles to enjoy. Masa talks to us about his vision for Inksprout, the power of LinkedIn as an early acquisition and feedback channel, and more.

  1. Hi Masa. How would you describe Inksprout to the average person?

    Inksprout is a social media content assistant. When you want to share links, Inksprout helps you easily craft posts with automated summary and intro suggestions.

    It helps you to do more with less.

  2. What’s your background?

    I come from software engineering background from Canada. This idea came about from running my personal Twitter account.

  3. There are obviously a lot of social media tools out there. How are you different?

    Inksprout integrates seemlessly with social schedulers, such as Publer and Buffer, via Chrome extension. It focuses on a specific problem which is writing and not meant to replace the social media tools. You will gain from the improvement on the existing workflow.

  4. Why do you think social media automation is important for marketers? What mistakes do you see people making?

    The skill needed to be an excellent marketer. You need to analyze data, find creative image, build quality videos, and write emotionally compelling copies. Modern marketers take advantage of every task specific software available.

"Automation is important because they help offload your brain from the mundane tasks and use time on bettering the creatives instead. Inksprout offloads the cognitive task of scanning an article you're planning to share and extracts out context suitable for your network."

Masa Nishimura
  1. What do you believe is the most powerful feature in the Inksprout armoury?

    While Inksprout is packed with caption writing features, its summary extension is the most popular way people interact with the software. You can get started easily and it just works. No learning necessary.

  2. What’s the most creative or effective use of Inksprout you’ve seen?

    Some social media schedulers have import content by bulk (like 30 posts at a time). It was requested from users who wanted to use Inksprout alongside that automation flow. I ended up building bulk summarize features from CSV files. Automation is a key for tools to be successful.

  3. How have you marketed Inksprout to get users? What’s worked the best?

    I used to reach out to individual users on LinkedIn. I find the posts with links, have it summarized with Inksprout, and ask if they want to try out the extension. That gave it a good powerful start to get feedback.

  4. I know it’s still early days. What are your future aspirations for Inksprout?

    Inksprout has been razor-focusing on assisting your link sharing experience. That has worked specifically on LinkedIn. In the future, it should help in a wide range of social media writing.

  5. Do you have any advice for people wanting to build their own marketing tool?

    Just do it. You’ll find many open-minded professionals who will support you.

"The beauty of marketing tools is people in the industry are very receptive to new tools."

Masa Nishimura
  1. Apart from Inksprout, what is one marketing tool you love?

    I like InShot. It’s a simple video editing app that does its job. Works perfect for social media.

  2. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

    AI technology is very exciting and progressing rapidly. There’s no reason you should be left behind. I hope you can take advantage of all the variety of amazing tools that are starting to build with AI.

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